Best Services Under One Provider

Bulk SMS

Send SMS to many customers at one time for mass campaigns.

Powerful tool for reaching multiple recipients
  • Deliver SMS to recipients from a website or an application developed by your company (see below).
  • Encrypt your SMS with the global security technology standard - Secure Socket Layer system (SSL).
  • Send long text messages as a single SMS.
  • Avoid resending SMS to the same number with Duplicate Number Checking service.
  • Specify phone numbers that will not receive your SMS (such as blacklist numbers).
  • Schedule time for automatic SMS delivery.
  • Get feedbacks on successful or unsuccessful SMS delivery.
Extra features for sending SMS via a company-owned application
  • Applications developed in any programming languages can connect to this solution.
  • Choose between 2 security levels for your SMS delivery
  • Deliver SMS in real time (best for sending one-time password or OTP).
  • Send massive amounts of messages via SMS faster and easier (batch file supported).


  • Require little investment cost but able to reach a large group of customers.
  • Send SMS via the website or your company-owned application anywhere via internet.
  • Ensure your SMS campaign reach all customers instantly after sending.
  • Personalize SMS content to suit varied target customers.

Type of business

Company with
multiple branches,
startups & SMEs

Financial services such as bank and debt collection

Call center

Educational institute