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Intelligent Email

An email management tool to engage customers with promotions and news.

Say goodbye to your usual email sending limits
  • Send marketing email in large quantities at one time (about 10,000 emails per second) from any web browsers.
  • Track read/unread status of your sent email campaign.
  • Send and receive various types of email such as IMAP, Web Mail Access, and POP3.
  • Safeguard your email with multi-layered firewall protection, anti-spam, and antivirus.
  • Define your email campaign or promotion format such as HTML, coupon, or questionnaire.
  • Schedule date and time for your email delivery.


  • Make sure your email campaign reach all customers immediately after it is launched.
  • Create seasonal or special email content for holidays or events.
  • Personalize email content to be relevant to interests and behaviours of target customers.

Type of business

SMEs with a large customer database