Best Services Under One Provider

Two-Way SMS

Interact with customers on SMS with no cost to customers.

The simplest way to engage with customers
  • Support SMS delivery via a website and an application developed by company (see below) to promote marketing activities such as lucky draw contest, discount giveaway, introduction of new product and service, or product/marketing survey.
  • Encrypt your SMS with the global security technology standard - Secure Socket Layer system (SSL).
  • Availability of a dedicated website for creating campaigns.
  • Track received/unreceived status of every sent SMS and collect customer response.
  • No cost to customers who send reply SMS.
  • Only TrueMove H numbers can receive your SMS.
Extra features for sending SMS via a company-owned application
  • Applications developed in any programming languages can connect to this solution.
  • Choose between 2 security levels for your SMS delivery:


  • Require little investment cost but able to access a large group of customers.
  • Measure customer satisfaction towards your marketing campaign with customer data.