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Total Business Mobility (Mobile PBX)

Let customers contact you while you're on the go or at your desk with a single phone number.

Answer every business calls and serve your customers anywhere
  • Make and receive calls via the application using up to 2 dedicated fixed-line numbers (no wiring required for these numbers).
  • Equipped with interactive voice response (IVR) that transfers calls directly to fixed-line number of a specific person or department.
  • Create a Hunt Group to ensure all calls are answered by the group members and customize how they can receive calls-random or on queue.
  • Select from a predefined groups of numbers that your company allows employees to make calls to (for example, by regions, by provinces or types of number).
  • Call to True fixed-line number for free and non-True fixed-line number at only ฿2, which is also applicable when you are overseas.
  • Call internationally at special rate through 006 (TrueMove H's advanced international calling service).
  • Use voice over IP technology (VoIP) for crisp and clear voice communication over 4G/3G and WiFi network.
  • Able to use the application on smartphone and computer.
  • Certified by Cisco, which guarantees performance and reliability of the application.


  • No installation and maintenance cost for traditional private branch exchange system (PBX).
  • No charges for calls between employees and calls to other departments or branches.
  • No charges for receiving calls while you are abroad.
  • No complex hardware setup.
  • Global access via internet.
  • Keep corporate number in the midst of office relocation.
Expert service
  • Get 24-hour support from specialists during the course of the contract.

Type of business

SMEs and startups

Business with mobile workforce

Companies requiring frequent business trips abroad

Travel agencies