Best Services Under One Provider

Service & Delivery Confirmation
(True Delivery Tracker)

Stay informed upon successful delivery or service provided to your customers.

Provide better customer service for your business operation
  • Locate your personnel while they are delivering packages or providing a service via GPS tracking technology.
  • Keep records of personnel travel routes for inspection (up to 90 days).
  • Availability of web dashboard for easy management.
  • Assign tasks to your personnel in real-time and on the go. The cloud-based system allows the team to work anywhere.
  • Collect customer signatures and pictures as proof of delivery or service (POD).


  • No investment needed for creating a new system.
  • Add or edit tasks for your personnel via the web dashboard to reduce time spent in commuting to and from the office.
Reduce risks
  • Provide customers with evidence and delivery information to reduce customer disputes.

Type of business

Small to medium logistic and distribution businesses

Businesses providing services such as messenger service, building maintenance, cleaning service, and others