Best Services Under One Provider

Customer Support Tool
(True LivingTECH Intelligence)

Better serve and meet your customers' expections during their stay.

Run an efficient hospital operations for patients' satisfactions.
  • Choose how pantients and their families can start engaging with you:
    • use in-room tablet or
    • scan QR code in the rooom from personal mobile phone
  • Provide a patients platform for different services:
    • hospital directory
    • nurse care request
    • housekeeping request
    • in-room food ordering
    • live entertainment & games
    • contact doctors and nurses via text messaging or video call
    • see health promotions and deal as well as available services from the hospital
  • Support multiple languages
  • Generate survey forms for patient feedback
  • View reports and get insights into patients' interest and behaviors from their interaction with the platform (e.g. what services or promotions they view) to help you plan your resources efficiently.


  • Reduce use of paper
  • Update news, promotions, and offers in real time.
  • Platform can be customized for each hospital with content, logo, and images.
  • Reduce language barriers of staff with a platform that can assists pateints from many countries.
  • Create marketing plan and offers for guests based on real data to increase revenue.
Reduce risks
  • Contactless solution via communication software to keep your staff and patients safe.

Type of business

Real estate and property development

& travel business