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Data Protection
(True Encryption Service)

Secure your highly confidential corporate data from breach and unauthorized access.

Have better control over who has the access to your data
  • Enable data protection with passwords or codes (encryption) in various sections of the same file.
  • Flexibly encrypt or decrypt data according to your business needs.
  • Support both cloud platforms and on-premise systems.
  • Readily connect with existing systems via Application Programming Interface (API).
  • Easily authorize access to selected personnel via Web Portal.
  • Provide real-time encrypt/decrypt usage and access report.
  • Follow General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


  • Reduce the cost of complex internal system development to protect corporate data.
  • Easy to integrate into your existing systems.
Reduce risks
  • Ensure confidence in data security and prevent data misuse despite falling into the wrong hands.
Expert service
  • Availability of support team for advice.
  • Customize the system according to the requirements of your company.

Type of business

Financial and banking industries

Insurance companies


Businesses with sensitive data