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Cybersecurity for Computers
(DDoS Protection)

Keep your business computers and network secured from online attacks.

A robust security system to protect against malicious attacks and unauthorized activities
  • Utilize a white and black list approach for protecting against unsecured hosts (whitelist composes of secured host, while blacklist composes of unsecured hosts). The system will not allow access from blacklist hosts.
  • Block malicious / hidden packets at the application level with a filtering system in order to mitigate damages to your critical services.
  • Stop website attacks by inspecting and reducing HTTP-based attacks, which will control the rapid data transmission.
  • Prevent specific attacks on domain name system (DNS) and reduce amount of data transfer.
  • Control flooding using in advanced mechanism, which disables suspected hosts’ ability to attack core network infrastructure.
  • Protect voice over internet protocol ( VoIP) service from script or botnet attacks through massive requests.


  • No investment needed for equipments (rack, firewall).

Type of business

Financial and banking industries

Insurance companies

Businesses using applications or online shopping