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Mobile Threat Prevention (MTP)

Proactively protect all corporate mobile devices from cyber threats when you use a mobile app, connect your device to a public WiFi or when a message is received.

Spot a cybersecurity threats on mobile phones and tablets across your entire enterprise
  • The program evaluate and inspect the applications as soon as it is installed on a device. If a threat is found, the program will send a notification to the user for preventing any threats.
  • Threats are ranked by levels of danger: high, medium, and low, which will be informed to the user and system admin.
  • Mobile cyber threat database is always updated (stored on the Cloud), which ensures all possible threat detection. It is different from the usual Anti-Virus programs that can only detect a virus.
  • MTP utilizes Cloud technology to perform all device cyber risk assessments, which will not reduce device performance.
  • Availability of Admin Console for viewing risks occurring on employee mobile devices.
  • Best performance and total security if connected to Mobile Device Management Solution (MDM).


  • No investment needed to build a new system.
Reduce risks
  • Ensure confidential data on mobile devices are safe.

Type of business

Businesses of all sizes