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CCTV Recorder on Cloud
(Cloud CCTV)

Access your security cameras live from anywhere and manage stored media footage at your convenience.

Modernize your video
surveillance system
  • Ensure total security for your home and property by using enterprise-grade Full HD (1920x1080) security camera that comes with
    • single connection for video and power transmission (PoE support)
    • IP67 dust/water resistant
    • IK10-rated vandal resistant
    • infrared LED
    • day and night mode
  • Record and store footage for playback on the camera recorder disk drive (Network Video Recorder) and on the Cloud system.
  • Include motion detection sensors, which will activate the camera when it detects motion or suspicious activity within its field of view. Once motion is detected, you’ll get notification via mobile application instantly. This feature can save data storage space on the Cloud.
  • Monitor your security camera in real time or watch video playback on smartphones, tablets, and computers.
  • Choose the number of cameras to view on a display such as 1, 4, or 8 cameras at a time.
  • Grant permission to access security cameras and files for different users.


  • No cost in purchasing and maintenance of equipments.
  • Reduce cost of investment.
  • No need to acquire your own equipments for video surveillance system.
  • Leave all the complicated setups, configurations, and troubleshooting to our experts, who will ensure your system and equipments operate for 24 hours.
Reduce risks
  • Data are stored on the Cloud certified by global standard.