Best Services Under One Provider

Web Performance

Provide the best website experience by reducing loading time.

Accelerate your website for its high performance
  • Ensure your website can be accessed 24 hour with various advanced features e.g. data offloading, TCP customization, data caching, and content prefetching (your server must function as normal to achieve 100% guaranteed Service Level Agreement).
  • Upload contents on your website on cloud-based Content Delivery Network to guarantee availability of content viewing and fast loading (the delivery network is powered by Akamai’s Edge Servers located in 130 countries with over 230,000 servers).
  • Optimize traffic for latency and bandwidth, which allow viewers to reach the content of your website within shortest time.
  • Compress image on website or application appropriate for best viewing experience on device display.
  • Reduce load on your server and speed up your content delivery by storing previously opened web pages from visitors (caching)—the more content on a web page that is cached, the faster the page load time will be.


  • Support the unlimited number of website visitors.
  • Optimize web page rendering time (less than 2 seconds spent on it).
Reduce risks
  • Your website can still be operated in the midst of network congestion or cable damage.
Expert Service
  • Expert supervision to ensure 24-hour availability and accessibility of your website.

Type of business

Companies whose websites are visited regularly by millions of people