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Low-Powered SIM Card
(True NB-IoT / LTE-M1 SIM Service)

A new generation of SIM card for mass deployment of IoT devices that saves power and operational cost.

Gain more efficiency from your IoT operation with new SIM card
  • Specifically used for the following networks:
    • Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) which provides low data rate such as 24 kbps. This network is compatible with data-only IoT devices.
    • LTE-M1 which provides medium data rate. This network is compatible with data-and-voice IoT devices such as devices requiring Voice over LTE (VoLTE).
  • Give better signal coverage and penetration in locations where signals are generally unavailable, for example, remote rural areas, deep inside buildings, and underground car parks.
  • Designed for IoT devices that use small amounts of data for uncomplicated and periodic tasks such as power meter, water meter, and door sensor.
  • Consume less power than 4G/3G IoT SIM card resulting in improved battery life of your devices (last up to 10 years).
  • Each True cell site can send signal over 10 kilometers to support up to 100,000 connected devices.
  • Support devices that use solar energy.
  • Follow the security standard of the industry, which ensures reliability.


  • Reduce battery replacement cost for IoT devices.
  • No cost in purchasing or developing sophisticated IoT devices.
  • SIM card is ready to use on TrueMove H network.
  • Support massive IoT implementation across wide areas and inside buildings.

Type of business

Asset and vehicle tracking business

Office building & department store

Energy and utilities