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Mobile Digital Video Recording
(True Mobile DVR)

Never lose sight of all activities inside your vehicle and ensure safe travel through in-vehicle surveillance system.

Keep an eye on every movement of your vehicles for the safety of passengers and assets
  • Monitor and record behaviors of drivers and other personnels on the vehicle in real time.
  • Backup all videos taken from the video recorder on the Cloud (data are protected with international standard security measures).
  • Record full-HD quality video.
  • Camera is equipped with anti-fog system and IP68 water resistant rating to endure harsh environments.
  • Watch your video live or playback mode.
  • Track and locate the vehicle by GPS Tracking system.
  • Record route, mileage, and driving speed of the vehicle.
  • Availability of user permission setup.
  • Compatible with both analog and digital camera.
  • Assign tasks to driver via mobile application or website, including getting instant alert if vehicle gets into an accident or out of the route.


  • No investment cost necessary for data storage facilities.
  • Improve quality of your future transportation or delivery with information from archived data and footage.
Reduce risks
  • Prevent any misuse of vehicles and thefts
  • Make a better decision and respond effectively in case passengers or assets are in an emergency situation.

Type of business

Banks and financial institutes

Automotive business

Public transportations