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SIM management
(Business IoT SIM)

Control all connected devices quickly.

Make better informed decisions that can improve your business opportunities with IoT SIM
  • Gain insights to your business operations with IoT SIM usage report and problem diagnosis on online platform.
  • Activate and deactivate SIM cards inserted in any device or equipment in real-time.
  • Set permissions for a SIM card to be connected to the specific device only.
  • Allocate amount of data and number of SMS for SIM cards according to the budget and preference of each project.
  • Review all bills and usage of each SIM card or multiple SIM cards.


  • Reduce human resource investment to operate problem diagnosis for SIM card and connected devices.
  • The platform is easy to use and provide full administration functionalities.
  • Respond quickly to market trends and business changes by controlling all connected device via platform.
  • Identify any issues occurred with SIM cards or connected devices easily and effectively.
Reduce risks
  • Total control on platform keeps your data confidential.
  • Prevent your SIM cards from being misused or abused.