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Smart Home

Provide comfort and protection for your home with cutting-edge security and technology.

Enhance your home security and gain greater control over your home environments
  • Control home electric system and automated home devices such as CCTV camera, security sensor, and light switch via mobile application.
  • Receive instant alert on mobile application when your automated device is broken or get destroyed, for example, when someone is breaking in through a door or window.
  • Include backup battery in case of power blackouts to keep security alert system running.
  • Support a broad range of devices such as door sensor, emergency button, and voice intercom.
  • Cloud-based system for long-term data storage.


  • No investment cost necessary for data storage facilities.
  • Remotely control automated home appliances instantly wherever you are.
  • Connect any home devices to Smart Home system according to your preference.
  • Get notified at once when your home is invaded, so you can take immediate action to minimize damages.

Type of business

Property development

Real estate business such as condominium