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Cow Behavior and Health Monitoring
(True Digital Cow)

Drive growth for your dairy and beef cattle farm with progressive ear-tag sensor system
that helps looking after your cows from day to day.

Access timely and actionable insights into each individual cow to ensure its well-being
  • Monitor and track cow's behaviors, activities and movements. For example, resting, walking, eating and rumination pattern.
  • Precisely identify a cow in heat.
  • Track cow's reproduction cycle to determine the most fertile days and the ideal time for insemination.
  • Detect cow's health problems such as inadequate food intake and changes in rumination pattern to quickly locate the cow that needs attention.
  • Provide a dedicated web dashboard and application on smartphone, tablet and computer for viewing comprehensive reports on your cows and receiving real-time alerts on important issues about them.


  • Reduce cost of bull's semen for insemination.
  • Reduce treatment and culling cost for sick cows.
  • Get updates on your cows anywhere via application on smartphone, tablet and computer. It is no need to spend all your time and effort to monitor them one by one.
  • Improve profitability from increased yield and production per cow.
  • Increase successes of insemination.
Reduce risks
  • Minimize illness-related losses of cows.

Type of business

Dairy and beef cattle farming