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Location-Based SMS

Drive sales of your products and services by delivering mobile advertising via SMS to potential customers at the right place and time.

Broadcast your marketing messages to the customers in a defined area
  • Identify SMS sender name (can be a word or a number).
  • Pinpoint the location where you want to send your marketing messages via SMS.
  • Schedule date and time for SMS delivery.
  • SMS can be sent to the specific customers or passersby at the defined area (only TrueMove H number owner can receive your SMS).
  • Avoid resending SMS to the same number with Duplicate Number Checking service.


  • No complicated tools required for sending your SMS to the customers.
  • Update or modify the content of your messages to suit fast-changing marketing trends immediately.
  • Provide tailor-made messages based on interests and behaviours of your target customers.
  • Attract the potential customers to purchase your products or services at the point of sale throughout the campaign period.

Type of business

Department store

Convention center &
trade fair