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Mobile Commerce Solution

Accept payments anywhere and send transaction data in real time from your vending machines, wireless credit card readers, kiosk, or ATM machines to your company.

Total Solution
(Wireless Data Service)
  • Data transmission from your point of sale to headquarter over most reliable private wireless network 4G/3G provided by national telecommunication companies.
  • 4G router for dual SIM card (SIMs are included).
  • Installation without physical cable wiring.
  • Most secure authentication system by username, password, and mobile phone verification.
  • Availability of tools to support GRE Tunnel and IP-Sec for security of data transmission, which includes defining each point as Fixed WAN IP for remote access.
  • Proactive monitoring and fault management system is included.
Custom Solution (Private APN)
  • For companies with existing corporate private network, connect this solution and define Access Point Name (APN) to start data transmission between your wireless devices and your servers in real time.
  • SIMs are included in the solution and ready to use on the TrueMove H network.


  • No cost of renting space, cable wiring in buildings, and building entrance fees.
  • Your business is free to move without complicated setup.
  • Reduce paperwork for getting permission to install physical wiring.
Expert service
  • You can report a problem to our personnel for 24 hours.

Type of business

ATM machine and currency exchange booth

Mobile business e.g. kiosk, food trucks, and shop in flea market

Utility meters

Business located in area where internet cable is unavailable or expensive