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Smart WiFi

Acquire new customers and collect their data from WiFi usage, thereby gaining increased means to improve your future marketing strategy.

Provide free WiFi to gain more insights into your customer lifestyle
  • Put your logo on WiFi login page to promote your brand.
  • Define your hotspot name.
  • Your customers can connect to your WiFi easily by logging in with their social media accounts, TrueID, or by filling in their personal data such as name, email, and mobile number.
  • Display special deals and offers to customers on their device.
  • View customer data report online in real time through dashboard.
  • Store customer data and frequencies of visits records on the Cloud.


  • Reduce leaflets and brochures printing costs by using digital advertising format instead.
  • Change or update your deals and special offers to match the interests and behaviors of your customers (personalization).
  • Generate a brand value, build brand awareness, and instill customer loyalty to boost your sales.
  • Improve marketing plan and strategy based on customer data analytics.
Reduce risks
  • Keep activity logs of your customers in compliance with the computer-related laws.
  • Your customer data are safe on the highly secured Cloud system.
Expert service
  • Consult our experts on how to drive your business with a WiFi service.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction and strengthen the long-term relationship with your customers.
  • Secure repeat purchase or visit from customers by improving customer privileges.

Type of business

Restaurant & coffee shop

Hospitality business

Convenient store

Car care