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USSD Messaging

Let customers get information, check out deals, or join campaigns on mobile phone by dialing unique short codes provided by your company.

Have an instant dialogue with your customers on their phone screen
  • Select from the 2 types of USSD service:
    • Informational response message (One-Shot USSD) works best for voting, lucky draw campaign, and checking remaining member rewards.
    • Interactive USSD allows user to reply their answer to your campaign such as for conducting a survey and information enquiry (select from multiple choices).
  • Choose between 2 security levels for your SMS delivery:
  • Get feedbacks on successful or unsuccessful response message delivery.
  • Support both basic (feature) phone and smartphone.
  • USSD response message is not stored on your customers’ phone since it is a session-based service.
  • Only TrueMove H number owners can dial the short USSD code and get a response message.


  • Create response message to best suit your target customers.
  • Measure the impact of your campaign based on the number of customers who dialed USSD short code.

Type of business


Food and drink business