Best Services Under One Provider

Branch Connectivity
(True SD-WAN)

Optimize data exchange across multiple branches with best performance

Keep application usage in control 24 hours
  • Connect all branches across network technologies, e.g., MPLS, internet and 4G/LTE. Despite mixed use of technologies, SD-WAN can function without compromising network quality.
  • Manage branch connection and update corporate usage policy application, e.g., email, Office 365 and Facebook, instantly from centralized control center.
  • Reduce human errors from manual setup or update policy on site (zero-touch provisioning) with automated configuration.
  • Automatically prioritize type of data for transmission according to business preference (Qualtiy of Service: QoS).
  • Maximize bandwidth usage.
  • Secure all traffic with firewall and encryption.
  • View and analyze usage report to react accurately and immediately to business needs.


  • Save operation cost from managing your network manually. The solution requires less staff to visit the sites in person
  • Easy installation, without complication of devices setup by the user (plug-and-play concept)
  • Open new branches faster (from months to weeks) with less network setup time
Expert service
  • 24-hour expert team available for support

Type of business

Organization with multiple branches such as bank, insurance companies and others

Business using video conference and cloud application for work