Best Services Under One Provider

Secured Wireless Connection (Private APN)

Wirelessly exchange data in real time over 4G/3G network between SIM card and headquarter server.

Keep your business operation running around the clock
  • Connect this solution to your corporate private network (True MPLS or other MPLS providers), define Access Point Name (APN) and wireless connection speed to start data transmission between SIM card and servers.
  • SIMs are included in the solution and ready to use on the TrueMove H network (the best coverage nationwide).
  • Data transmission between SIM-inserted equipment and your system in real time.


  • No cost of renting space and cable wiring in buildings.
  • Your business is free to move without complicated setup.

Type of business

Banks (credit card readers) & automated machine businesses

Utilities such as water meter or electric meter

Auto industry such as for capturing different sensors in the car

System integrator (SI)