Best Services Under One Provider

Virtual Network

Provide your mobile workforce with secured access to corporate network over the internet for information sharing.

Total Solution (Hybrid VPN)
  • Allow employees to access your corporate network from home or anywhere outside of office.
  • Ensure stable internet connection with 2 links, which includes:
  • Support access for up to 100 employees. Each employees are required to login by password before accessing to company network as a security measures.
  • Keep all computer traffic logs information according to the national law: Computer-related Crime Act B.E. 2560 (2017).
  • Adjust bandwidth easily for better internet performance based on the online collaboration tools you use, how many employees need to access corporate network, or how many devices you have.
  • Monitor usage and view reports via internet web portal.
  • Include a manual for easy set up and installations.
Custom Solution (SSL VPN)
  • For companies with existing internet from other providers (non-True), you can choose this custom solution to create virtual network.
  • Support access from various internet browsers.
  • Include security system and verification process by password.
  • Grant or remove access for your business partner at your convenience.
  • Grant and limit level of access for employees according to company policy.


  • No cost of investment in major equipments.
Expert service
  • Expert consultation available.

Type of business

Business with employees who are usually on the move