TrueBusiness to Showcase Innovative Solutions at Industrial IoT Solution Expo 2023

2 Nov 2023

TrueBusiness took the lead in showcasing solutions at the Industrial IoT Solution Expo 2023, which is the largest exhibition of IoT technology and solutions for the industrial sector in Thailand. The event was organized by the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) and took place on October 27th at Samyan Mitrtown.

In this event, TrueBusiness, showcased solutions in both IT and OT, in collaboration with leading partners such as REPCO NEX with their Machine Health Solution. Additionally, there were other interesting booths featuring solutions in OT Security, 5G Solution, and True Private WiFi, which aimed to enhance the overall comprehensiveness and diversity of the solutions. This event aimed to prepare attendees for the transition into Industry 4.0.

The exhibition showcased the highlight solutions brought by TrueBusiness, which include:

  • Machine Health Solution: A solution that aids in the maintenance and preservation of machines. It not only enhances work efficiency but also reduces costs. It is a true collaboration with REPCO NEX, a renowned expert in direct machine maintenance with over 40 years of experience.
  • OT Security & Connectivity: A solution designed to enhance the security and operational efficiency of industrial plants, thereby bolstering their technological capabilities.
  • 5G Solution: A specially designed solution that is capable of efficiently handling high-speed signals. It ensures precise and secure communication, making it ideal for business organizations and industrial factories.
  • True Private WiFi: A solution that facilitates fast and secure data transmission using the DNF system. It is specifically designed for use in office areas, buildings, or retail business groups.
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