Bangkok Insurance PCL.

Bangkok Insurance PCL operates an insurance business with continuous investment in technology to provide excellent services with clients. We use high speed internet and landline from True which help us to present products, provide real-time online claims, and quickly connect between branches and service offices all over the country.


M.L. Chalitpong Sanidvong
Senior Vice President Information Technology Department
Bangkok Insurance Public Company Limited


Chayo Group PCL.

Chayo Group PCL offers tracking and collecting of nonperforming loans, and call center. Our business has been related with True for a long time as we use True phone, E1 SMS and TRUNK. True has provided Backup system for us, and easy callback service system Hunting Group. True satisfactorily serves our needs. Besides good technology, their support team is also good. Nowadays, technology is important to every organization.


Ms. Suksan Yasasin
Chief Executive officer
Chayo Group PCL

Tisco Financial Group PCL.

Tisco has continuously increased its budget in technology development to handle the digital era with the advanced Cloud Platform that uses an open system with fast and flexible high speed Internet of True. “TrueBusiness” is one of our partners that we trust in to push and develop technology together achieving our mutual goal of “STRONG PARTNER STRONG TOGETHER”.


Ms. Yutiga Sonthayanavin
First Executive Vice President Information Technology
TISCO Financial Group Public Company Limited


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