TV Direct PLC

TV Direct distributes products and online marketing services under Omni Channel business model that understands the importance of communication technology for retail business. We trust in True to set up our call center system because of its flexible system that can adjust to serve the company’s goals and strategies under constant changes without any problems. In addition, high speed Internet from True helps TV Direct to increase our performance and business growth.


Songpol Shanmatkit
Chief Executive Officer
TV Direct Co., Ltd.

I.C.C. International PLC.

I.C.C. International PCL imports and distributes consumer products domestically, and develops and distributes products under our own brands. We use the new store management solution of Unmanned Shop, the first technology in Thailand to create a new unmanned shop business, operating without staff. It helps us extend our business by recording and remembering our consumer behaviors.


Dr. Surat Wongrattanapassorn
Vice President
Information Technology Division


Ms. Broccoli Bkk uses SME Your Choice, the only package that can use both phone and internet from TrueBusiness to help health food restaurants, a brand new business of new generation adapting through COVID-19 situation, to expand their new sales channels.


Kanchaporn seengoy
Ms.Broccoli.Bkk Owner

MC Group PCL.

MC Group PCL, a retail business for clothes and lifestyles, use various technologies from TrueBusiness including Internet, Sim card , SMS system and look for True Analytics solutions to develop business with vision to apply technology in their work and develop business to service customers.


Nopadol Tangdenchai
Chief Information Officer
Head of E-Commerce Business
MC Group Public Company Limited

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