Pre-Built PLC

PreBuilt, a leading construction business that mainly concentrates on communication technology, Internet and mobile phone services from True to increase performance of communication and coordination of affiliates. Also, True services help save more than 10% from paper, storage and labor cost, and the change to online data transmission helps reduce mistakes, resulting in fast and convenient work.

Mr. Chairat Thampeera
Chief Executive Officer
Pre-Built PLC

Ananda Development PLC

Ananda Development, a leading real estate business, has selected True Fiber Network to provide quality solutions to our condominium projects. With Smart Home Solution, it serves customers’ lifestyles that require all-time communication. True Fiber Network can support stable connection of phone line, high speed internet and HD channels from True Visions. We are impressed with excellent and fast services from True, which satisfactorily meet our needs, quickly respond and provide after sales services and maintenance.


Arisa Chaichaowarat
Assistant Managing Director-Housing Business
Ananda Development Public Company Limited

Onyx Hospitality Group

ONYX Hospitality Group owns many successful portfolios of hotels, resorts and serviced apartments, including Amari, OZO and Shama, comprising 44 locations in 8 countries all over Asia. Our group uses Internet, mobile phone services and True Visions from True because we trust in as our alliance to help us integrate innovation and technology in our business to increase performance and distinguish our fast and convenient services which impress our customers. True Group services are widely accepted in Thailand and by other countries, ensuring our trust in their services and our good partnership with TrueBusiness.


Mr. Kunchit Hanafee
Senior Vice President – Information Technology
ONYX Hospitality Group

ORC Premier Co., Ltd.

ORC Premier, the manufacturer and distributor of precast concrete to construction business, has our business development vision to apply innovation and technology solutions into our business. TrueBusiness serves our business by providing us communication tools that are best suited with our operations and flexible solutions that are well adapted to changing situations and needs. With TrueBusiness as a partner, we are truly confident in our directions that we want to develop, and in our technologies that we want to use. True is always the best consultant and supporter for us.


Arada Suwanpraipatana
Business Development Director
ORC Premier Co., Ltd.

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