22 Dec 2023

READY TO CONNECT! Thailand's first 3 network APIs are now available under the GSMA Open Gateway Initiative. True reaffirms its leadership as Telecom-Tech company, enhancing its network capability to meet international standards, introducing global standardized ready-to-use network APIS: SIM swap, device location, and quality on demand, furthering new mobile network open APIs development, aiming to drive the global telecommunication industry.


  • Collaborated with three leading strategic partners to initiate access and interconnect with True Mobile Network Open APIs.
  • Launched an Early Adopter program to offer privileges for start-ups, software & applications developers. This program allows them to connect through True Mobile Network Open APIs with free trial before their products are launched in the market, fostering Open Innovation and promoting the digital ecosystem. The program runs from 1 December 2023 - 31 December 2024

Bangkok, 20 December 2023 – True announces its readiness to allow fully access and interconnection with global standard Mobile Networks Open APIs under GSMA Open Gateway initiative for the first time in Thailand. This development further solidifies True’s position as a leading Telecom-Tech Company, with a focus on creating digital innovation to drive the growth of the country’s telecommunication industry. To start off, True introduces three Network APIs: SIM Swap, Device Location, and Quality on Demand (QoD). These initiatives empower businesses to uplift the quality of their services and create additional value for better consumer experiences and security, as well as enable businesses to expand rapidly, both local and international market. True also collaborates with strategic partners to connect their systems and platforms with the True mobile network using the same global standardize Network Open APIs as other network providers worldwide, paving the way to develop real use cases. Moreover, True offers an Early Adopter program starting from 1 December 2023 to 31 December 2024 to provide opportunities for start-ups to develop their platforms and trial for free before launching in the market. True has committed to enhance its network capability and continuously develop new Mobile Network Open APIs as well as build strong digital ecosystem that promote the country's digital economy and leverage global telecommunications industry.

Mr. Pichit Thanyodom, Chief Business Officer, True Corporation Plc., revealed the progress following True’s partnership with GSMA as Thailand’s first strategic Open Gateway alliance partner. Together, they have been collaborating for over three months to develop Mobile Network Open APIs, involving more than 30 esteemed mobile network operators from around the world. Today, we have successfully uplifted our network capability by deploying three Network APIs which are SIM Swap, Device Location and Quality on Demand. This enhancement allows local and international start-ups and developers to connect their functions, applications and platforms to the True mobile network using the same open APIs as other network providers worldwide. Additionally, we collaborate with strategic partners to initiate real use cases that are connected to True Network APIs. These achievements highlight our strength as the leading Telecom-Tech Company. We are not just a network provider, but we also offer digital infrastructure that efficiently meet international standards and aim to build digital ecosystem by collaborating with various organizations across all sectors. We will continue to develop new Mobile Network Open APIs to enhance the telecom industry in order to fulfill the customers’ usages and create the limitless future growth for businesses across various industry sectors in digital era.”

Mr. How Lih Ren, Head of Commercial, Strategy and Telco-Tech Partnership, True Corporation Plc. said that “Currently we have started working with leading strategic partners in various industries to access to our Mobile Network Open APIs, including the financial sector; Ascend Money Co.,Ltd, True Money service provider and the leading financial service provider in South East Asia with more than 50 million users and over 88,000 agents in its network across 7 countries, the HealthTech start-up, Tech Care System Company Limited, using IoT and Cloud technology in healthcare service, and Emetworks Co., Ltd, the consultant and software developer for enterprises in various industries. We believe that the leveraging of our mobile network by deploying universal Mobile Network Open APIs and digital ecosystem building through the collaboration between True and developers and business organizations will encourage digital services innovation that meet the needs and add more values to consumers, and accelerate expansion of businesses in various industries globally through universal access to other operators’ Network API worldwide.”     

Benefits of Mobile Network Open APIs Connection with True Network

The Mobile Network Open APIs, under the GSMA Open Gateway initiative, enables business organizations and developers to connect and utilize the True mobile network efficiently. This enables real – time access and interaction with the functions and data of True mobile network, improving the quality of services and increasing competitive advantage. It also creates more value and delivers a better experience for consumers, while ensuring security. Additionally, businesses can expand rapidly in various countries using the same open APIs with other network providers worldwide. True also offers business consultation by Mobile Network Open API experts and an Early Adopter program to promote Open Innovation. This program provides opportunities for start-ups, tech entrepreneurs, and developers to deploy the Mobile Network Open API via the True mobile network and trial it free of charge starting from 1 December 2023 to 31 December 2024. This helps build confidence before an official launch.


Strengthen Businesses with Mobile Network Open API

Ms. Monsinee Nakapanant, Co-President of Ascend Money Co.,Ltd., True Money service provider, said that “We see opportunities from the launch of Mobile Network Open APIs by True in expanding our collaboration including product development and improving the overall customer experiences of True Money’s users. We have closely worked with True to prepare for deploying various Network APIs which will enhance our financial services’ quality and security, and increase opportunities for our partners to access and explore exciting opportunities within True's extensive digital ecosystem on a global scale.”

Mr. Sirasit Sachdev, the CEO and founder of Tech Care System Company Limited, said that “Tech Care is the manufacturer, distributor, and exporter of smart sticks for the elderly people and patients. The collaboration with True enhances the security and accuracy of communication and location tracking for our smart stick and also improve the efficiency of analyzing usage data and developing smart sticks’ features to provide truly benefits for the users. Furthermore, by developing and connecting to the Mobile Network Open API via True Mobile Network, we can expand our business quickly through the same international standard Mobile Network Open APIs as leading operators worldwide.”

Mr. Sitti Thiammekha, Chief Product and Technology Executive of Emetworks Co., Ltd., the consultant and software, research, and technology and innovation developer for enterprise businesses, said that "Emetworks recognizes the efficiency of Number Verification API which will be launched by True in early 2024, together we have been working to develop the EX10 Secure OTP system. The system will enhance the personal identity verification via phone numbers checking which increases security with a 100% spam protection and provides better user experiences and more user-friendly. This API will replace the existing OTP system by enabling personal identity verification automatically without having to enter a code received via SMS.”   

3 Ready-to-Connect Universal Network APIs via True Mobile Network

  • SIM SWAP API is designed to minimize the risk of fraud and enhance security for businesses engaged in online transactions with their customers. It enables application developers or businesses to conveniently verify the most recent change of SIM card. This verification process ensures that sensitive information is only sent to the customer's mobile number if they are the rightful owner of the SIM card. Consequently, this feature instills greater confidence in various online transactions. Furthermore, the API allows businesses to ascertain the exact date and time when the SIM card was switched to another device. This functionality is particularly useful in safeguarding access to data and preventing unauthorized devices from infiltrating internal company systems in the event of a lost or stolen company device.
  • DEVICE LOCATION API is used to verify the location of the device and SIM card being used. This not only helps businesses improve the service experience, but also allows them to offer special privileges and promotions to customers in specific areas through their mobile phones. Additionally, it enhances security by detecting account fraud. It can identify suspicious activity when online transactions occur in unlikely locations, suggesting that they may not have been made by the actual account owner. Furthermore, it can be used to track the location of various devices such as sensors and IoT devices. This helps businesses efficiently manage, track, and inspect the large number of devices installed in different locations.
  • QUALITY ON DEMAND API caters to the requirements of businesses by utilizing the True 5G network to improve the streaming experience for customers. This applies to various sectors such as online gaming, content and media providers, as well as entertainment services. It also addresses the demands of the industrial sector by enabling real-time remote control of equipment, machines, drones, and vehicles. This reaffirms trust in the True 5G network's efficiency to deliver fast speed, low latency, and stable connectivity.

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