Landlines on the digital quality network It is more functional than original landlines, can be used with FAX, EDC and kiosks (PABX), and is compatible with the Internet and can watch TV on the same cable via Copper, Coaxial or Fiber cables covering service areas nationwide. Excellent signals even in condos or high-rise buildings

  • Wired audio service in Fiber, Docsis and Copper (Fixed Line Plus
  • Fixedline+ & Ultra Hi-speed service can be used simultaneously using fixed line plus.
  • Compatible with Data & Internet (Fixed Line Over MPLS)
  • Can be used as phone, FAX, EDC or PABX (FIXED Line Over MPLS)


  • Set credit limit to manage budget control.
  • Show charges for domestic and international calls in one bill.
  • One-time wiring for both telephone and internet access
  • Various additional services such as call forwarding to mobile phone and Caller ID.
  • Safe from eavesdropping attack as being digital signal
  • Suspend international outgoing calls in order to prevent unauthorized usage
  • Various packages, meet every lifestyle.
  • Digital sound quality.

Suitable business model

Suitable business model

Retail & Marketplace
Start Up & SME
Debt Collection & Call Center
Technology Industry
SME & Enterprise

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