The landline is connected to the DID (Direct Inward Dialing) automatic kiosk system, digitally clear sound quality suitable for many phone-enabled businesses. By connecting a business's telephone kiosk (PABX) to an IP network with IP technology (SIP), the business's customers can dial the number directly to the office without having to go through the operator, can connect to the 4-digit number service by both receiving and making calls with a 4-digit number.

MPLS Fiber Optic Office Telephone Services

  • Connect with PABX system both IP (SIP) and TDM (E1)
  • Make outgoing calls and receive incoming calls from all networks all over the country.
  • 1 SIP Trunk can receive incoming calls and make outgoing calls on more than 10 lines at the same time.
  • Make outgoing calls to international numbers via True 006
  • Nationwide coverage ** Depending on the MPLS service area
  • Compatible with analog or digital telephone, FAX and Call Center systems, etc.
  • Compatible with various special numbers such as 4-digit numbers, etc.
  • Additional services such as emergency call forwarding, load sharing, etc.


  • Cost-effective, easy maintenance, low cost.
  • Add or remove phone numbers as needed.
  • It’s convenient when relocating office. No need to install internal phone line wiring.
  • 24-hour available expert service for system care, consultancy and emergency support
  • The quality of digital sound
  • Additional services such as emergency call forwarding, load sharing, etc.
  • Highly secure, can't eavesdrop.

Suitable business model

Suitable business model

Hospitality & Tourism
Financial & Banking
Hospital & Healthcare
Debt Collection & Call Center
Transportation & Logistic
Broker & Insurance

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