Organization phones using the Internet network that support all Internet Provide. You can use the service without the need to install the device, Only customers already have internet and kiosks (PABX) can easily use ip connection (SIP).Economy rates help an organization control costs and can be used with the original landline number without changing the number. Suitable for medium to large organization with relatively high phone traffic at home and abroad such as Telesale, IVR Telesale, Hotels, Hospitals, etc.

  • True Voice Plus or True Voice+ is a new service using the New Generation Network (NGN).
  • It adopts Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) technologies in combination with Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) with great efficiency through devices connected to your internal phones.
  • Rates are cheap for both domestic and international calls.
  • Audio quality, international long distance calls nearby IDD due to the combined technology of TDM and MPLS technology via Network (NGN) to provide optimal audio performance.
  • Easy to call, clear sound quality.
  • The network covers over 230 countries worldwide.
  • Applied to PABX kiosks, providing cost-saving control for the entire organization.


  • Low-cost calling for domestic and international calls
  • Install to work with PABX to control expenses for the whole organization
  • Sound quality of long distance calls is nearly as good as IDD due to the integration of TDM and MPLS technologies through the Network (NGN) to get the best sound quality
  • The network covers more than 230 countries worldwide

Suitable business model

Suitable business model

Hospitality & Tourism
Transportation & Logistic
Automotive Industry
Financial & Banking
Start Up & SME

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