IT Professional Services & Managed Services

IT Professional Managed Services offer management and maintenance of IT system equipment under the inspection of IT expert teams. The service has well-structured infrastructure including Data Center, Cloud System, Network System, Mobile Device Management, Disaster Recover (DR). This supports convenient business operations and simple system management. Reducing cost and complications regarding system upgrade and maintenance. In addition, IT Professional Services and Managed Services can reduce organization burden in recruiting and training, and serve various business requirements.

Additionally, True IDC Regional Command Center has elevated the Managed Service level to be the center of command and monitor all systems to be effective and as one unity. It also increases the performances of business services in this digital era, and precisely and quickly serves customer solutions with a great quality and quantity, as well as manages IT system resources for business operation continuity.


  • Save cost and reduce complications of system upgrade and maintenance.
  • Reduce corporate burden of recruiting and training.
  • High flexibility to increase, extend and manage IT system resources.
  • Command and monitor all systems to be effective and as one unity.
  • Specialized and certified expert team

Suitable business model

Suitable business model

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