TrueBusiness and Repco Next Collaborate to Drive Industry 4.0 Advancements in the Manufacturing Sector

24 Aug 2023

TrueBusiness and Repco Next Collaborate to Drive Industry 4.0

Advancements in the Manufacturing Sector

TrueBusiness, the leading provider of communication services and comprehensive digital solutions for business customers, is pleased to announce its collaboration with Repco NEX in the SCG Chemicals business group or SCGC, a provider of complete industrial solutions. This partnership aims to leverage our combined strengths and potentials, with a focus on integrated collaboration. We are committed to driving the transformation of the industrial sector 4.0 and delivering innovative and comprehensive end-to-end digital solutions. By leveraging our True intelligent network, we will provide exceptional connectivity in both wired and wireless communications. Additionally, our expertise in 5G solutions for smart industries will enhance production efficiency, reduce costs and working time, and improve the accuracy and quality of the production line. This collaboration opens up unlimited business opportunities.

Mr. Phichit Thanyodom, the Chief Corporate Business Executive of True Corporation Public Company Limited, has stated that TrueBusiness, with its extensive experience in serving corporate customers, has gained a deep understanding of the specific needs of corporate customers across various industries. As a result, our goal is to develop innovative solutions that encompass all aspects of the business sector. This includes partnering with leading businesses to create unique advantages for our customers, enabling them to compete effectively. We are also committed to accelerating the digital transformation of the Thai industrial sector. Most recently, we have collaborated with REPCO NEX in SCG Chemicals Business Group (SCGC), a comprehensive industrial solution provider, to revolutionize the manufacturing industry. We are proud to offer cutting-edge services and solutions in the intelligent manufacturing sector, providing end-to-end support all in one place.

Mr. Mongkol Hengrojanasophon, the Chief Operations Officer and EVP – Olefins Chain (Thailand) at SCGC, stated that SCGC is focusing on achieving operational excellence by utilizing digital technology across the supply chain. The aim is to enhance work processes in industrial plants, making them more efficient and elevating the overall industry standards both domestically and internationally. TrueBusiness, known for its potential and leadership in communications services and digital ICT solutions for business customers, plays a crucial role in driving the industrial sector. This collaboration is expected to bring about learning opportunities and benefits, ultimately enabling SCGC to better meet customer needs. Additionally, it will contribute to the advancement of the Thai industry to a higher level.

Mr. ChakornKraivichien, the Managing Director of REPCO NEX in SCG Chemicals Business Group or SCGC, has disclosed that REPCO NEX possesses over 40 years of experience in overseeing factories within the industrial group. They offer comprehensive services, encompassing engineering, operations, and maintenance, through the utilization of technology and digital solutions. By incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) technology and smart inspection equipment, they support Industry 4.0, instilling confidence in customers that they can effectively manage factory operations with precision and enhance machine efficiency. The objective is to elevate factory management to a smart factory (Smart manufacturing) and optimize efficiency in factory operations.

“In addition to this cooperation, we have a team of professional experts who will provide guidance, design and tailor solutions to meet the specific needs of each organization. We will also closely monitor the after-sales service to ensure customer satisfaction. We are confident that this will assist organizations in the industrial sector in overcoming challenges and progressing to the level of Industry 4.0.”

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