First time ever in Thailand by TrueBusiness , presenting “Auspicious Number for Business Customers”

18 Apr 2024

First time ever in Thailand by TrueBusiness , 

presenting “Auspicious  Number for Business Customers”  

Selected by Ajarn Chang-Tosaporn with Science of Numbers for Enterprise Customers

  • Highlighting new concept  :  selecting luck to boost prosperity for either business or career types 

  • starting at only 499 baht per month

Bangkok, April 18th, 2024 - TrueBusiness, a leading provider of communication and digital full-service solutions for business clients, integrates cutting-edge technology, merging the strength of networks and digital full-service solutions to develop the best innovative services for business customers. They announced an exclusive collaboration with Ajarn Chang-Tosaporn Srtula,who selected science of numbers to match the business introducing the  first time in Thailand of “Auspicious Number for Business Customers”, enhancing prosperity with a new concept, allowing customers to enhance their luck either for business or profession.

Mr. How Lih Ren, Head of Commercial, Strategy and TelcoTech Partnership Division, True Corporation Plc., stated that True Business is committed to continuously developing innovative services and solutions for all digital communications in the digital era for business customers. With a professional team ready to provide guidance and the best service, True Business currently serves over 250,000 organizations, understanding the diverse and genuine needs of customers. One of the significant needs of business customers is prosperity in business, focusing on auspicious elements, in line with the survey results on Thai beliefs conducted by College of Management, Mahidol University, where lucky numbers rank top five among Thai beliefs. This also includes the success of personalized lucky number services  offered by both True and dtac which have been well received by thai customers with positive responses . True Business, therefore, is confident in extending its services to meet the needs of business customers by exclusively collaborating with Ajarn Chang-Tosaporn Sritula  to introduce “the Auspicious Number for Business Customers ”as the first time in Thailand, blending the relationship of numerology and beliefs , allowing them to choose numbers in their phone numbers to enhance luck, boost business advancement, and provide the best and most suitable numbers for customers' businesses. With a new concept that allows organizations to choose according to their needs, whether to enhance luck focusing on business types or professional lines, covering 7 business groups: 

  1. hotels
  2. hospitals
  3. online sales
  4. finance and banking
  5. transportation
  6. real estate
  7. entertainment

as well as 5 professional lines: 

  1. business owners/government officials
  2. sales staff/call centers
  3. marketing
  4. operations
  5. IT and online staff

TrueBusiness is assured  that this service will boost confidence in business operations for organizational customers, ensuring that everyone's abilities within the organization work together to achieve business success. With belief in lucky numbers, businesses will flourish and grow sustainably.

Ajarn Chang-Tosaporn Sritula, said that the belief in the significance of numbers has played a vital role in the lives of Thai people for a long time, believed to enhance prosperity, success, and smoothness in life. Each number holds a special meaning and influence in various aspects, not only in personal endeavors but also in business operations, especially for business owners or SMEs, who seek to enhance luck, boost morale, and ensure success. TrueBusiness, recognizing the needs of this market segment, offers a numerology service, a new dimension to elevate numerology services. This time, they have curated specific number sets suitable for different business sectors and organizational functions. Ensuring to meet the needs of corporate customers, these services are the first step towards advancing businesses, excelling in every function, and ensuring success in all endeavors, undoubtedly boosting confidence in every business, especially in offices.

Auspicious Number for Business Customers  Packages

  • Auspicious Number Business Package  starting only  at 499 baht per month.
  • Auspicious Number Career Package  starting only  at 699 baht per month.
  • Auspicious Number Business and Career Path Package starting only  at 1,099 baht per month.

Enterprise customers interested in the Auspicious Number for Business  package can apply from  April 18th 2024 onward  at True Shops and Dtac Shops nationwide, TrueBusiness Call Center 1239, or Dtac Call Center 1431. For more information, Line@TrueBusiness

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