Cloud Contact Center service that comprehensively supports omnichannel so that today’s businesses can respond to customer needs in a timely manner in all communication channels. From selling goods over the phone and online via social websites and applications, the service can effectively function with the help of AI Chat Bot and Voice Bot, that enable the business to respond to the customers in various ways and in real time. For example, the staff can answer the customers’ questions, inform them of the news and promotions or even conduct sales reports via this platform. The service can help the business take care of many customers simultaneously, reduce the staff’s burden and increase the performance. As a result, more sales can be closed faster.

True Cloud Contact Center

The omnichannel True Cloud Contact Center supports both online and offline operations and makes interactions through telephone, email and social media (Facebook Messenger, Line Official, Youtube, Pantip and Twitter). This solution also has good integration with data management software including Salesforce, SAP, Microsoft Dynamic, Oracle, Microsoft Access as well as customer database software currently used in the organization, e.g., SQL Server, MySQL. It is most likely to give your customers a good experience since the customer database software can collect customers’ information regarding the service and business matter, for example, personal information and previous problems caused by bad service. Itis also useful for creating a good impression on customers and their credibility with the organization and increasing the opportunity to sell either service or product of the organization. Providing a good service requires continual quality checks and service improvements. The system provides real-time reports of team performance (Real-time Dashboard) and can store voice recordings for up to 3 months which can be used to improve the team performance without additional investment. There is also a customer’s satisfaction assessment system (Call Survey) and collecting workplace statistics for making reports which can be used for KPI evaluation of team performance as well. In addition, True Cloud Contact Center has many features that help increase efficiency for corporate teams, for example;

• Greeting & Call Flow - Auto-answer and call flow arrangement for different time/out of business hours
• Real-time Queue – Management of incoming customer queues by priority
• Silent Monitoring – Observing agent’s operations by listening to customer conversations
• Whisper – Consulting for agents without affecting customer conversations


  • No charges for hardware. Pay-per-use service.
  • Free calls within True network.
  • Record audio as single file throughout the conversation.
  • Communication with customers via all channels. Able to work from anywhere.
  • 24-hour professional care service.

Suitable business model

Suitable business model

Hospitality & Tourism
Financial & Banking
Debt Collection & Call Center
Transportation & Logistic
Food & Beverage
Automotive Industry
SME & Enterprise
Property & Construction
Agriculture & Food Industry
Broker & Insurance
Technology Industry
Professional Services
Start Up & SME
Hospital & Healthcare

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